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My 5: Sisters for Life

10, 12, 17, & 29. The ages that I met the ladies that I would grow to call my best friends and sisters for life. I have grown to understand over the course of my life, that quality is often better than quantity. I do not have many friends. I never have, and I never will. I used to try hard to fit in with the crowd, not knowing that I was meant to stand apart. Thankfully, along the way, I would befriend some amazing young girls who have turned into phenomenal women.

At the tender age of 10, a transfer student, spring of 1994, I met Ebony.  We hit it off immediately. It didn’t hurt that we were born on the same day, January 14th, 1984 and our moms were friends who worked together at Wal-Mart. For the next two years we were pretty much inseparable! From 4th -6th grade we always managed to end up in most of the same classes! She was my first “person”. Just last night, I was reminded of something HORRIBLE that we would do when we were bored. (LOL—Do not judge us, you have been forewarned! Remember we were only 10/11 years old) We would grab the white pages and randomly pick out names—but there was a catch. The names that we picked out had to be something like John & Kate Fields. They had to be married! (gasp) Once we identified a “married” listing, we would call the number and ask for the husband and pretend to be something we were not. SMH. I know! We were horrid little brats! We laughed about it last night and we know that we ought to be ashamed of our younger selves! I haven’t seen Ebony in twenty-one years, but we have managed to stay in contact for the most part. She is set to get married next May, and I will absolutely be present to witness this moment of her life with her.

Two years after moving to Ft. Knox and befriending Ebony, we were stationed to Ft. Polk LA, where I would hit a two for one. The first friend that I made there, right away, was LaMona. Guess what we had in common? We too share the same birthday and both our moms names are Linda and our middle names rhymed, Denise & Felice! LOL. Mona and her family quickly became my family as well. I spent most of my summer days with her family. Our friendship would take us through the 8th grade, but then we went to different high schools. We lost touch for about 6/7 years, but fate would have it that we reunited in Baton Rouge LA in 2004! It was like no time had passed and we are still kindred spirits. She is my sister for life. She is currently residing in GA, but we remain in touch.

The same year that I met Mona, I also met Latasha. While she lived right around the corner from me, we actually only met because we took a Spanish class together. 😊 That class marked the beginning of my lifelong, till death do us part sisterhood! I won’t go into too much detail on Tasha, as she has already had her own blog dedicated to her! But, I will share a snippet of one of our porch memories. Imagine living in a city “at war” with another city. It’s graduation weekend and everyone is having parties all around you and you start hearing that Leesville boys are coming to bust up someone’s party. (Gasp) You, Tasha, & Joyce end up in a guy name Keith’s car (or was it Corey? I can’t remember). They drive y’all to the Shoppette and somehow y’all get left there! So the speculation about these Leesville boys is growing louder and wilder. Y’all start to head back home, and find yourself ducking behind houses and cars like you are behind enemy lines for real! LOL….ok, so there’s more to this story, but I will end it here for now. (Wink)

Tasha moves away to Georgia, leaving me all by my lonesome. ☹ It would not be for another three years before I make a true friend again—this time back home in Louisville Ky. My junior year in high school, second semester, I meet Marleeta. I don’t think that it was until our senior year that we became good friends. We pretty much did everything together our senior year & our first year in college.  I would move back to Louisiana two years after we graduated, but we have remained close friends. She is always only a phone call away. We talk pretty much talk a few times a week.

Not to slight anyone, but this is getting long, so I am trying to speed it up. So fast forward, almost TEN years. I have been in Baton Rouge since October 2004. I have met a few people, but nothing ever grew beyond an acquaintance. Not for a lack of trying on my part, but nothing stuck, that is until August 2013, when I would meet Rayshel at Law School.

LOL. Rayshel is my life on the wild side! She has pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone and do things I want to do, but was always to shy/reserved to do. Sigh….but, my dear boobie/booskie, as I call her, moved back to Georgia last year when she graduated. ☹

So all of my lifetime friends are in Georgia, with the exception of Leeta. I don’t talk to Ebony & Mona as much as I do with the other 3, but man, I am so blessed and fortunate to call all of these ladies my friends and my sisters. It is not often that you come across kindred spirits FIVE times in your life, but I have. All 5 of these women are beautiful inside and out. They are intelligent, caring, responsible and respectful women. They embody strength and perseverance. I admire them all. The one thing that they all possess that makes me proud to call them my friends, is that they have pure souls. I have never not trusted any of them. I have never doubted any of them. I know that if I ever need anything, all of them would be there for me in a heartbeat.

Some people are not lucky enough to have just ONE true friend. I have FIVE. I thank them for being a part of my journey in this life of mine. I only wish that someday they could all meet one another. LOL…a joyous occasion such as a wedding would be nice, but…yeah. IDK about that one. (Smile—were life ever to take me down that path, you all have just been introduced to my bridesmaids, minus one—my cousin Kesha). I know for a fact that they would all love one another—why? LOL because they all have one thing in common—ME!! I’m very picky about who I let into my world, and all of these ladies are well worth it.

Ebony, Mona, Tasha, Leeta, & Rayshel, thank you for being my lifelong friends.

Do you have a friend that is in it for life? How often do y’all talk? Are you able to see them when you like? Can you rel8?

With Love & Respect,




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