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{Middle Finger} Fear: I Can & Will Have it All

Shame. On. Me. It has been DAYS since my last blog. Sorry guys. It’s just been one of those weeks. My mind has been pre-occupied with so many other things and some of them have been mentally exhausting. ☹ However, some good has come out of my hiatus. Handling life and facing things head on, I have realized that I possess so much more power than I knew I have.

I have recently decided to step out on faith and look past fear towards my desired end goal in a certain area of my life. (I will share later).  This past week I had to take some actions towards that. I had to have conversations with multiple persons and I still have some challenges ahead. The morning of the day that I had decided to go forth with these conversations, I literally felt weak all over. Nothing was wrong with me, but you couldn’t tell my mind that. I just wanted to go home and get back in the bed, but I knew that if I allowed my fear to continue to control my actions, I would never move forward in my life. It took a lot of positive self-talk and motivation to get me going.

So, I pressed forward, and I had those conversations and I am setting myself up for greatness. I am not going to sit here and lie and say that I am not anxious about this decision and what the future holds. I am terrified of failing, but I owe it to myself to do this. (I know, I know, you want to know what “THIS” is, I promise I will tell you in due time).

Now, life would have it that I have so many things going on right now, and I am passionate about them all. I began questioning how can I do all of this by myself? I am going to have to let something go. There just isn’t enough time in the day. Sighs. But, then, I started having that positive self-talk again. This time, I heard my inner voice say, “Danielle, why can’t you have it all? Danielle, you CAN, and you WILL have it all. The only person stopping you from having all that your heart desires is YOU. Move out of the way.  {Middle Finger} Fear!”

That self-talk, I tell you. It can either hurt or help you. It is all in the way that you frame it. If you talk down to yourself reinforcing self-doubt, then you allow fear to win. Choose positivity. {Middle Finger} Fear! Say it with me, I CAN AND I WILL HAVE IT ALL!  

For some reason, society has conditioned us to believe that life is all about sacrifices and settling. Let us consciously decide to buck the status quo and go after all that we want.

Can anyone rel8?

With Love & Respect,





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