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Blog This! Tell Me YOUR Ideas

Happy Saturday everyone! I am up bright and early, trying to figure out exactly what I want to do with this blog of mine! This is brand new to me. It is exciting and intimidating all at the same time. I want to provide rel8able content that you all will enjoy, but I also want it to have sustenance. I want it to flow and not feel forced. I want you to leave wanting more, always ready for the next day’s blog. I want to build a relationship with you where you trust me. I am still working out the kinks, still figuring it out. I have some ideas, and I know some will work, others will not.

My first big idea is below and I need your help! Below are my ideas for a broad spectrum of blogging categories. What else could I do? Instead of Sophisticated Sunday (which will  be geared toward providing insight and knowledge on something new and worthwhile each week), what else can I focus on on Sunday’s? It has to be catchy. It has to be clever. It has to feel good! Shoot me some ideas for each day of the week. Once I get some ideas, I will share them in a post and allow for you all to decide what I should I go with (at least two days out of the week!). If you like what I have so far, tell me!

Sophisticated Sunday

Motivational Monday

Tuned in Tuesday

Wonder Woman Wednesday

Throwback Thursday

Fun Friday (Fun Fact Friday?)

Sexy Saturday

I hope we all have an amazing weekend! I look forward to seeing your ideas!

With Love & Respect, 




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