She’s My Person: An Ode to My BFF/Sister

How many of you watch Grey’s Anatomy? Those of you who do, know exactly what I mean when I say she is my person. Ironically, I wasn’t always a Grey’s fan. She WAS. She would always try to get me to watch and I’d be like, naw, I’m good. THEN!! When I finally give in and decide to binge watch all seasons, she FALLS OF THE BANDWAGON! LOL. We’ve never been able to have a conversation around GA, but she knows that she’s my person and I am hers!

We’ve been friends now for 21+ years and counting. Neither time nor distance has hindered our relationship. We met when I was 12 and she 13. She was such a bad influence!! (Wink wink) I’m just kidding, but we did get into some situations that we look forward to reminiscing on when we’re old and gray—our “PORCH MEMORIES”. I can’t imagine not having her in my life—EVER!

Two years after meeting, her family moved to Georgia ☹, but life would have it that this friendship was written in the stars and we made it work. Now imagine, this is the year 1999, Facebook and Instagram haven’t made their grand entrance; cell phones are just now becoming a thing. 😊😊 She had a beeper! LOL. Oh my! We are so historic! Anyway, I digress. So, no FB, no IG, no cell phones. How did we keep our friendship going strong? Calling Cards! Many calling cards! Do y’all remember those? Ha! Laugh, you may, but I am grateful for them because it bridged the gap between she and I and we never missed a defining moment in each other’s lives.

When I got pregnant at 15 ☹, she was my rock. This is probably the only truly personal moment that I will share about friendship, but it’s so silly and yet so two teenage girls at its finest. I thought I was pregnant, I was not sure. My initial tell-tale was that my cycle was late and so every time that we talked, no matter how much time had passed, she would be like, girl its coming today! A month would have passed and she still would encourage me that it was coming! LOL! Well, it didn’t come and I was pregnant, and she was with me from the VERY beginning. I don’t know that I could have gone through that experience without her. She became my son’s godmother at 17 😊. I had her growing up fast with me! To this day, they have their own unique and special bond!

Now fast forward to present day. I’ve got two kids, she’s got three and a husband under her belt. Getting her on the phone, at times, my goodness!! I cannot tell you how many times I have had to threaten her with a divorce. However, she is QUICK to remind me that she knows too much about me and our deal is till death do us part! I’m stuck with her! But, this is real life. We both have our own lives, with a million and one things going on in them. We can’t always talk to each other when we want to, BUT, we are ALWAYS THERE WHEN WE NEED EACH OTHER. A couple of days may go by that we haven’t talked, but no more than that.

You will seldom find us in disagreement on anything! Most times we will say to one another, either the whole world is crazy, or we’re the crazy ones. We concur that WE ARE THE CRAZY ONES!

My life has been easier because I have her to share it with. My good, my bad, my ugly and my super ugly, she gets it all. She doesn’t judge. She tells me when I am wrong; she encourages me, and most importantly, she believes in me—often times more than I believe in myself. Many are not blessed to have a friend—more like my sister—like the one that I have. In 21 years, I can’t recall a time that we have ever fallen out or said harsh words to one another. We’ve only ever been supportive of one another.

Latasha, thank you for putting up with me for all these years. I love you as my friend and as my sister. Thank you for believing in me and being a source of strength for me when I have been in need. You are my person!

To everyone reading:

  • Do you have a person?
  • Who is your person?
  • How long has your person been your person?
  • What do you value most about your person?
  • Can you rel8 to this post?

I will leave with this thought, Tasha and I were teenagers when we met, and we were teenagers when she moved to another state, however, we saw the value in our friendship and we worked hard at maintaining it. We did not allow time nor distance to affect our growing friendship. When my life gets so overwhelming, you can best believe that I will hop into my car and take that 7-hour drive to Georgia and I am truly at peace when I arrive. I say all that to say, when it comes to any relationship, if it is important to your life, you will make it work.

If you don’t have a person, take inventory of your life and see who could possibly fill that role; then invest in that friendship. Everyone deserves a person.

With Love & Respect,



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