My First Blog

Well, technically, this is my second blog! I consider my “about” post as blog number one! Sigh!! I don’t know what I have gotten myself into! Just trying to figure this whole page content and display is NERVE WRECKING!! I will be playing around in WordPress until I perfect the image I am trying to share with you all.

On another note,  you will quickly notice that I will have a plethora of pictures throughout my page. I LOVE taking pictures. It is therapeutic to my life. And, I love my smile! I believe that smiles are one of the greatest gifts that you can give for FREE!! I sprinkle mine around all the time. Last year, I came up with an acronym for my smile that is so totally me! Sharing My Internal Love Externally.

I plan to share my internal love with you all often. It is my hope that you return the love. Share a smile with me. I will be ever so appreciative!

So, enough fluff! Tomorrow, I will embark upon a targeted blog, that some may relate to: To stay or not stay with a job when you are unhappy/not satisfied.

Until then.

With Love & Respect,



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